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Here at Hope and Unity, we are fighting to promote equal opportunity for all people. BAME and minority communities are at a disadvantage and are continuously facing discrimination. A major factor that leaves BAME and other minority communities at a disadvantage is the lack of access to information, advice, and support. We are working to amend that by providing a service where people can reach out for any help or guidance they need. We will ensure to either support them personally or signpost them to appropriate organisations. We want to work to eradicate the inequality that BAME and minority communities face, as well as tackle inequality and discrimination within the BAME community itself.

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What our beneficiaries say about our services

Thanks to hope and unity our life took a turn for the best. Thank you so much hope and unity for making a big and beautiful change in our lives.

Yonatan Michael

My family and I are so thankful to hope and unity, I cannot express enough my gratitude. Seeing how life-changing of an experience it has been for us, I decided to join hope and unity so that I can help make a difference in someone’s life as it has for me.

Ashanti Ghebereslassie

Their support was unparalleled, they showed great determination throughout the pandemic to ensure I found a safe place.

Robel Negasi

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